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Research shows that less 2 in 10 bone breaks get follow-up test or treatment for Osteoporosis; patients visit their primary clinician multiple times before referral to a specialist osteoporosis service.  

What is Osteoporosis

Key facts about osteoporosis

In osteoporosis bone struts become thin and break, bone structure and strength alter, become more fragile and prone to breaks (or fractures) after a bump or fall. Read full answer →

What are its features?

Signs and symptoms

Osteoporosis has no symptoms, pain only with fractures (spontaneous or low impact fragility) and can lead to height loss. Read full answer →

Screening and treatment

Osteoporosis Treatment

Screening can detect undiagnosed fractures or risk of fractures.  Diagnosis by clinical assessment and non-invasive tests.  There are several proven treatments. Read full answer 

Bone is living, metabolically active tissue; it is stronger than concrete or steel!
21 Facts about Your Bones and Osteoporosis

London Osteoporosis Clinic is group of leading Consultant Osteoporosis Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sport & Exercise Medicine Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Strengthening Trainers specialising in the early diagnosis, drug and non-drug, multidisciplinary treatments to achieve best outcomes for our patients with osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal disorders.

Our specialists have access to modern state of the art diagnostic and clinical facilities.  Osteoporosis and fractures already exist if lost height, have back pain, had early menopause (or hormone imbalance), are on Steroids (or other medicines/ medical condition), have family with fractures; link to leaflet.

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LOC Foundation is launching an initiative to improve bone health expertise in clinicians and patient leaders, find out more about LOCF ECHO Bone Health programme & 9Million2Many