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Help Raise Awareness About Osteoporosis And Bone Fractures

Together we can eradicate osteoporosis bone breaks and prevent avoidable suffering

Every year, there are more than 524,000 osteoporosis-related fractures in the UK alone, that is an increase from 300,000 in 2010; with accelerating increase over time.  Worldwide there are more than 9 million a year.

Sadly, only 2 in 10 bone breaks receive a follow-up test or treatment for osteoporosis. This issue is likely to get worse, as wait time and rationing become more widespread in the NHS.

If you think avoidable fractures suffering is UNACCEPTABLE, at a time when we have painless diagnostics and effective treatments to make early diagnosis and reverse osteoporosis.

At LOC we believe prevention is better still and that is why we have up our foundation to raising awareness about better bone health.

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