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Here are a few more testimonials from patients we have successfully helped and treated:

Below are additional testimonials from patients whom we have effectively assisted and treated on their journey to better bone health:’Now symptoms free AFTER 25 years ‘

‘Thought the symptoms were permanent! – great to feel better’


‘That was the most helpful and insightful clinical consultation, thank you’

‘I have been consulting Dr Mahmud for the treatment of severe osteoporosis. He has shown the utmost care and consideration and has taken a holistic approach’

‘Consultant listened, valuable advice’

‘Appreciate the care given – back to work after being off work for 3 months’

‘I have been given my life back!’

‘I had no idea osteoporosis was treatable’

‘I have not had any more fractures’

‘It has changed my life! I was going to sell my business, now I am symptom free!’

‘Now I’m pain free and doing sports!’

‘Very glad I sought specialist care and have learned of several approaches to improve the condition’

‘Dr Mahmud was very friendly and understanding, nurses were very kind.’

‘Seen quickly by someone knowledgeable, seen by friendly staff.’

‘Nurses and consultants are extremely helpful and supportive.’


Osteoporosis is treatable:

In one instance, a patient in her 30s was suffering from severe osteoporosis, which had shown minimal response to prior treatments. By employing our approach of identifying and addressing the root causes of osteoporosis and implementing a course of holistic treatments, we achieved a 12% increase in her bone density DEXA within a year.

From our experience, each patient requires a thorough assessment, personalised and closely supervised treatment, and ongoing monitoring to achieve optimal results.



Height loss is a common feature of vertebral fractures – less than 1 in 10 is diagnosed or treated appropriately:

With treatment height loss in osteoporosis vertebral fractures can be improved:

Osteoporosis can occur at any age and linked with many medical and surgical conditions, including anorexia (credit: IOF)

The impact of fractures can affect breathing, eating, bowels, bladder and mobility.

Let’s prevent the development and progression of osteoporosis fracture:


Arthritis can occur at any age; delay in treatment can lead to irreversible joint damage.