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Key aim of London Osteoporosis Clinic Foundation is to raise awareness, develop capacity to safely and effectively treat chronic, common diseases in under-diagnosed and under-treated conditions, and to check outcomes. Further details provided here.


LOCF ECHO Bone Health training run a month

Osteoporosis is a major public health concern, with over 200 million individuals worldwide. The burden of osteoporotic fractures is high.

Despite the availability of treatments proven to cut fracture risk and accumulating evidence that osteoporosis treatment can prolong life, osteoporosis remains under-diagnosed and under-treated, with only about 20% of patients with hip fractures treated to cut the risk of future fracture.

The LOCF ECHO Bone Health TeleECHO Clinic consists of two monthly 1-hour sessions, each having 50 minutes of interactive case-based learning and 10 minutes of presentation.

The LOC clinicians (including physical therapy, nutrition, pharmacy, and psychology) and other specialists having ability in different aspects in the care of osteoporosis, gout, osteoarthritis and other bone conditions.

Objectives: Participants of LOC Foundation ECHO to – 

  1. Describe the pathophysiology of common bone disorders
  2. Assess fracture risk with available validated clinical tools
  3. Evaluate for factors contributing to skeletal fragility
  4. Recognise quality in bone density testing acquisition, analysis, and reporting
  5. Use current clinical practice guidelines in managing patients with bone disorders
  6. Communicate the balance of benefits and risks with various treatments
  7. Individualise treatment decisions through shared decision making
  8. Check bone health therapy for adherence, tolerance, and effectiveness
  9. Implement systematic strategies for secondary fracture prevention (fracture liaison services)


LOCF ECHO Collaborative partners agreement

Programme consist of rolling short lectures on variety of topics and case based discussions, usually the 1st Monday of the month starting at 6.30 pm; participants can attend but most will be offered opportunity to video-conf.

Venue: Boardroom at St Olafs House, London Bridge Hospital