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Our mission is to empower you to achieve a state of being symptom-free, drug-free, and doctor-free©.


We envision a world free of osteoporosis and arthritis-related suffering, eliminating the need for LOC.


  1. We believe that osteoporosis fractures and arthritis-related disability and pain are unacceptable.
  2. We are committed to working collaboratively with patients, carers and wider teams to deliver transformational care.
  3. We continuously strive to enhance our team’s skills, expand our service offerings, and conduct clinical audits.
  4. Our goal is to assist clients in achieving optimum health through comprehensive care and support.
  5. We contribute to the improvement of global health literacy via Global Osteoporosis Foundation.


We accomplish our mission by:

  1. Providing screening, early diagnosis, and multidisciplinary holistic care for our patients.
  2. Reversing osteoporosis, preventing fractures, and addressing symptoms of arthritis and pain through comprehensive holistic care plans.


About The London Osteoporosis Clinic

The London Osteoporosis Clinic has brought together highly regarded and experienced clinical experts singular objective: to provide the finest care for reversing osteoporosis, restoring functionality, and preventing fractures, along with reversing arthritis-related disability.

Our approach emphasises prevention and overall health enhancement.

Our highly skilled consultant specialists are engaged in educating clinicians and maintaining their personal growth through continuous professional development.

Many of our clinicians lead osteoporosis and related services within NHS hospitals, staying actively involved in medical research to ensure the most up-to-date and effective care for our patients.