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Expert Holistic Treatments of Underlying Causes to achieve Optimum Health

Osteoporosis impacts the lives of 3 million people and causes 500,000 bones breaks a year in the UK alone.  Yet fewer than 2 in 10 bone breaks get follow-up tests or treatment, we feel this is unacceptable.


Prof Sir Graeme Catto, Dr Taher Mahmud and Colleagues set up LOC to proactively screen, diagnose and holistically treat the underlying causes.  It is possible to reverse osteoporosis and treatments do not have to be life long.

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London Osteoporosis Clinic


LOC is a group of highly regarded Consultant Osteoporosis Doctors, Orthopaedic and Sport & Exercise Medicine Doctors, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, and Strengthening trainers. We specialise in the early diagnosis, drug & non-drug, multidisciplinary treatments to achieve the best outcomes for with osteoporosis and related musculoskeletal disorders.


Our specialists have access to modern state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical facilities. Osteoporosis does not have symptoms (like blood pressure), bone breaks may already exist if Height reduction, Back Pain, Early Menopause (or hormone imbalance), Steroids use, various Medical condition), Family with Bone Breaks; more info about risk factors in this leaflet. 


What is osteoporosis?

Key facts about osteoporosis:

In osteoporosis bone struts become thin and break, bone structure and strength alter, become more fragile and prone to breaks (or fractures) after a bump or fall. Read full answer →

What are its features?

Signs and symptoms:

Osteoporosis has no symptoms, pain only with fractures (spontaneous or low impact fragility) and can lead to height loss. Read full answer →

Screening and treatment

Osteoporosis treatment:

Screening can detect undiagnosed fractures or a risk of fractures.  Diagnosis  is made by clinical assessment and non-invasive tests.  There are several proven treatments. Read full answer 

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