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Tests and Diagnosis

Osteoporosis Tests

The tests for a patient will depend on the clinical assessment and what has already been done.  We often do bloods and sometimes urine tests to decide the right treatment for the patient, as well as looking at the response to treatment.

Bone density is measured by a machine that uses low levels of X-rays to measure bone strength.  During this painless test, you lie on a padded table as a scanner passes over your body.  In most cases, only a few bones are checked – usually in the hip, wrist and spine.

What is DEXA?

Bone density scanning is the most commonly used diagnostic technique for osteoporosis but other scans and tests too are used to help understand what is happening to your bones. Most of these tests or scans help to predict how likely it is you will break bones and some are specifically used to diagnose osteoporosis as it is currently defined.

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