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Our fees for the medical consultants and other healthcare professionals are generally in line with private medical insurance company guidance.


Consultant appointments

Cost: £300 New and £200 for Follow-up appointment.  The assessment and examination is carried out by a Consultant Specialist; we give a written report and treatment plan.  

New Appointments take around 30 minutes. Subsequent follow-ups take 20 minutes.  IF required when booking please request longer appointments; a 60 minute long appointment costs £400 and 30 minute appointment is £300.

For some prescriptions there is a charge of £40 on each occasion, we usually waive this where possible.

Provided you meet the conditions of your medical insurance policy the fees are usually covered as a whole or in part by Private Medical Insurance provider.  Any procedure attracts a separate tariff (usually in line with with insurance company fee structure)

After meeting the Consultant, the patient may need bloods tests or other investigations; which can either be done by the GP or at the Hospital / Clinic.  The hospital costs vary depending on the test(s) and the particular location: £80-320 (covered by usually covered by Private Medical Insurance provider)

We can offer fixed price individually tailored assessment and treatment(s) packages.


Imaging (as clinically indicated)

Some patients may require a DEXA scan or other imaging; these can be arranged via you your surgery.


Nutritional Session

Ms Evelyn Toner and colleagues deliver a 60 minute nutritional / dietetic session.  Patients are assessed, diagnosed and treated diet and nutrition to optimise bone and general health.  Dietitians use the latest research on food, health and disease, which they translate into practical guidance to enable the patients to make right lifestyle and food choices to improve bone strength and density.

Costs start at: £120 + 30 minute follow-up Assessment: £70

Strength & Conditioning (Exercise) Sessions

Mr Dean Sutton and Performance Coaches colleagues would deliver a 60 minute initial assessment.  The Performance Coaches can work with the patients to improve their strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, agility and control.  The Performance Coach will conduct an assessment in the first session and use these findings to give a bespoke six week Personal Fitness Programme.

Cost: £85 + 60 minute follow-up: £85

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Ms Lorraine Harris and other experienced team of physiotherapists will do a comprehensive assessment, including postural and biomechanical assessments, to help you make best progress for your condition and symptoms.  Your physiotherapist will use the most right and up-to-date techniques and specific exercise rehabilitation to activate and strengthen your muscles.

Cost: £85 + 60 minute follow-up: £85

Other services and clinicians as needed

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