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Our package fees include medical consultant assessment, prescription, any injection, nutrition advice, physio advice / app and well as health advisor support and various other resources.


Appointment Details:

  • Consultant: A consultant specialist will carry out the clinical assessment.
  • Cost: £400
  • Duration: 30+ minutes
  • Services: Updated report provided to you and your doctors, summarising progress and future multidisciplinary care plan.
  • Access to health improvement resources including nutrition and exercise support
  • You are invited to the zoom strength training classes
  • Access to health advisor


Please note that fees may be covered wholly or partially by private medical insurance providers. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider’s customer service to confirm your coverage.Provided you meet the conditions of your medical insurance policy the fees are usually covered as a whole or in part by your private medical insurance provider.  Any further procedures might attract a separate tariff (usually in line with with insurance company fee structure)


After meeting the Consultant, the patient may need bloods tests or other investigations; which can either be done by the GP or at the Hospital / Clinic.  The hospital costs vary depending on the test(s) and the particular location: £80-£320 (mbe ay covered by usually covered by Private Medical Insurance provider)


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