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Collaborations and Network

Our Supporter and Trusted Partners

At London Osteoporosis Clinic and Global Osteoporosis Foundation, we proudly collaborate with top healthcare providers, research institutions, and community advocates. Our partners enhance our ability to deliver cutting-edge treatments and comprehensive care, contributing to our commitment to advancing bone health and improving patient outcomes through innovative solutions.

Support from Salesforce

Enhancing Community Engagement and Care Management

We are grateful for Salesforce’s support, which was designed to revolutionize community engagement and streamline care management at the London Osteoporosis Clinic. This partnership combines our clinical expertise with Salesforce’s renowned customer relationship management (CRM) technology, optimizing our patient interactions and operational efficiency.

Salesforce’s advanced CRM solutions enable us to communicate continuously with our patients, manage appointments more effectively, and provide personalized care. The platform’s analytics capabilities allow us to analyze patient data in real time, enhancing our ability to make informed decisions and monitor treatment effectiveness.

Empowering Patients with Cutting-edge Technology

Join us in exploring how our collaboration with Salesforce sets new healthcare standards for osteoporosis management, ensuring every patient receives top-tier, customized care.

Support from Google

Driving Advocacy for Bone Health Awareness 

We appreciate Google’s support in bone health advocacy for GOF. This collaboration combines our deep medical expertise in bone health with Google’s advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, revolutionizing how we address bone health awareness.

We can more effectively track engagement with our communities by utilising Google’s powerful analytical tools. Our joint efforts also focus on developing innovative tools for early detection and ongoing management of osteoporosis, significantly improving patient engagement and outcomes.


Collaborative Care with Lanserhof Clinic London

Integrating Wellness and Medical Expertise

We are collaborating with Lanserhof Clinic London, an integrative and preventive medicine leader. This partnership enriches our approach to osteoporosis care at London Osteoporosis Clinic by integrating holistic wellness methodologies with our medical expertise.

We are developing comprehensive screening and treatment programs combining state-of-the-art medical care and customized wellness plans. This collaboration allows us to offer a unique blend of services that focus on preventing and managing osteoporosis, improving overall bone health, and enhancing patient well-being.

A Holistic Approach to Bone Health

Discover how our joint efforts with Lanserhof Clinic London are transforming the treatment landscape for osteoporosis, providing our patients with innovative care solutions that support long-term health and vitality.

Collaboration with Mayfair Health Physio

Advancing Physiotherapy in Osteoporosis Management

We are collaborating with Mayfair Health Physio, renowned for its expertise in physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. This collaboration is set to enhance the therapeutic offerings at London Osteoporosis Clinic, focusing on personalized physiotherapy regimens tailored to the specific needs of our osteoporosis patients.

By integrating Mayfair Health Physio’s specialized physiotherapy techniques with our medical treatment plans, we can provide a more holistic approach to bone health. This partnership ensures our patients benefit from a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to managing and treating osteoporosis, emphasizing mobility, strength, and pain reduction.

Enhancing Recovery and Mobility

Learn more about how our collaboration with Mayfair Health Physio is improving patient outcomes through expert-led physiotherapy and dedicated care.

Support from City & Westminster Corporate and Finance

Optimising Healthcare Finance and Operations

We benefit from the support and guidance of City & Westminster Corporate and Finance. This enables London Osteoporosis Clinic to enhance our financial strategies and operational efficiencies, ensuring sustainable growth and delivering high-quality care.

With City & Westminster’s expertise in corporate finance and operations, we are better equipped to navigate the complexities of healthcare management. Their insights help us optimize resource allocation, improve financial planning, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, which are crucial for our clinic’s success and patient satisfaction.

Streamlining Healthcare to Serve You Better

Explore how our alliance with City & Westminster Corporate and Finance is strengthening our capabilities for advocacy and care for our communities.