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Some commonly asked questions about our Clinical Care, what is involved, and how we can help you.

What are the benefits over going through the NHS?

Ease of access: we give care at a location and time to suit your circumstances; we can often see referrals the same or next day and after office hours.

Full assessment: we can arrange (often immediately) a full set of investigations, including scans, such as DEXA (studies show only a fraction of patients in whom it is clinically indicated, actually get a scan on the NHS).

Full range of treatments: We offer a full range of clinical evidence-based treatments (not restricted as in the NHS). Our target is to help achieve the best outcomes for patients.

Following the consultation, the patient, GP or Referring Clinicians will receive a copy of the clinic letter.

LOC offers a holistic approach to care.

Referral pathways

  1. Self-paying patients can self refer (GP referral not required).
  2. Patients can be referred by GP’s or Healthcare Professional.  
  3. Some Private Medical Iinsurance providers, such as AXA PPP, will arrange your first appointment for you.  
  4. LOC at present does not directly see NHS referrals.

How quickly can I be treated?

Usually when it is convenient for you, often on the same day or the same week and at a time that suits you.

What is your success rate?

We aim to improve bone density in all our patients using evidence-based treatments to maximise the benefits to you. Most patients improve with treatment and we closely check the response to treatment.

What happens at my appointment?

  1. All patients are clinically assessed and examined by a consultant specialist.
  2. A tailored investigation and
  3. Treatment plan is developed jointly with patients and their families to achieve optimum long term bone health and to prevent fractures.
  4. A written summary and treatment plan are communicated with patients and their clinicians.

What are your fees?

You can see detailed information about our fees and what this includes here.

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