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2019 ASBMR Conference

Dr Taher Mahmud was delighted to attend the 2019 ASBMR conference in Orlando.

Dr Taher Mahmud was pleased to be present at the 2019 ASBMR conference in Orlando.

The ASBMR Annual Meeting is the largest and most varied gathering in bone, mineral, and musculoskeletal research, drawing over 3,000 participants from more than 70 countries.  These attendees include clinicians and researchers from all career stages, specialising in various disciplines.

A highlight for Dr Mahmud was attending the lecture by Dr Graham Russell, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of bisphosphonates – drugs typically associated with increased bone density.

It’s been a fascinating journey from the initial hypothesis and tissue culture studies in 1969, where we have an effective osteoporosis treatment.

Fortunately, we also have other holistic approaches for reversing osteoporosis.  These methods, complementing pharmacological interventions, further expand our toolkit in the fight against this prevalent bone disease.

Talk by Dr Graham Russell

ASBMR conference