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Today’s alert is not just another piece of advice but a wake-up call prompted by an incident at the London Osteoporosis Clinic just yesterday. We had a patient walk in who had discontinued her Denosumab medication without the appropriate specialist consultation. The results were unsettling enough that we felt compelled to urgently discuss the severe repercussions of making such a choice without expert advice.

Yesterday’s Eye-Opening Visit

We cannot overstate the urgency of this message, prompted by a patient who visited our clinic yesterday. She had stopped taking Denosumab based on incomplete advice and experienced a severe loss in bone density. She was fortunate not to have fractured a bone, but the risk is dangerously high.

Inadequate Advice: Is a Risk

Let’s be honest, consulting online forums, friends, or general practitioners without osteoporosis specialisation? While the intent may be good, the consequences of such advice can be catastrophic, as exemplified by other patients we have seen who have had marked loss of bone and spinal fractures following stopping treatment with denosumab.

Why Denosumab is Not Your Average Medication

Denosumab is an effective treatment for osteoporosis. Think of it as a loyal friend you can rely on. Cutting it out of your life suddenly is like turning your back on someone who’s been there for you, and the consequences could be dire.

The Role of Specialised Care in Today’s Medical Landscape

In a world where medical advice and treatments are constantly evolving, specialist guidance is not just a recommendation—it’s a necessity. When contemplating discontinuing Denosumab, a specialist can provide a personalised risk assessment that a general practitioner might not be equipped to offer.

Your Ongoing Health Journey

Your health is an unfolding narrative that demands the right characters and storyline. Deciding to exit a crucial ‘character’ like Denosumab without a well thought-out plot twist’ is setting yourself up for a storyline you may regret.

Trusted Resources Are a Click Away

While websites like offer invaluable advice on osteoporosis and its treatment, they should serve as a supplement to, not a substitute for, professional medical advice from a specialist.


Yesterday’s eye-opening patient visit has reinforced the need for this urgent alert. If you’re considering stopping Denosumab or any other osteoporosis medication, the London Osteoporosis Clinic strongly advises against doing so without consulting a specialist. It’s a risky move that you don’t want to make, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


  1. What should I do if I’ve already stopped Denosumab without specialist consultation?
    • Seek immediate consultation with an osteoporosis specialist for a comprehensive treatment plan.
  2. How frequently should I consult a specialist for my osteoporosis treatment?
    • Aim for at least bi-annual consultations or more frequently as your specialist advises.
  3. Is a general practitioner’s advice sufficient for discontinuing Denosumab?
    • While GPs offer valuable general medical advice, they may not be equipped to provide specialised guidance for osteoporosis treatments like Denosumab.
  4. Where can I find a reliable osteoporosis specialist?
    • Websites like can guide you to reputable clinics. You can also ask your GP for referrals.
  5. Can online resources replace specialist advice?
    • While online resources can offer general information, they should never replace the personalised advice you get from a specialist.

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