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The osteoporosis drug strontium ranelate (Protelos) will not be available after August.

Servier, the manufacturer of strontium ranelate, will no longer offer the drug to the UK after August.  The drug has limited uses, and relatively few patients are on the medication.

Protelos was licensed in the UK for the treatment of severe osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and adult men at high risk of fracture.

MHRA raised safety concerns about the drug connected to cardiovascular risks, which have led to its limited use and gradual decrease in those being treated with it.

In recent times, Strontium has been generally prescribed in secondary care.  And we found the drug to be very useful in young patients.

Strontium ranelate supply will cease worldwide from August 2017.

Dr Mahmud and the team at London Osteoporosis Clinic recommend patients see their GP for a review of treatment options.  Alternative pharmaceutical options are

Osteoporosis is a severe progressive bone condition leading to bone fractures, disability and early death.  Only 2 in 10 patients are appropriately assessed following an osteoporosis fracture, and treatment in many can be suboptimal.

There is more information about osteoporosis, diagnosis and treatment, as well as prevention, at